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Merchant Card Processing
Credit card processing fees can have a major impact on your bottom line. As a businessperson, you need to project and understand your expenses, yet there is no clear breakdown of fees with many credit card processors.

By offering Interchange Pass-Through Pricing, ACMS takes the guesswork out of the process. You have a much better idea what you are being charged for and why. Our product is unique and your business receives these important benefits:



Transparent Pricing Structure

  • Free Account Set-up
  • 24/7 toll-free customer service

Our representatives are ready to assist you with your merchant account at any time. We waive front-end fees. In fact, if you already own a credit card processing terminal, we will reprogram it at no charge.



Transparent Savings
Our fee includes the charge that the major credit cards levy and is only supplemented by a very small mark-up. As a client of ACMS, our goal is to provide you with outstanding card processing services. Offering a fair, transparent fee structure is one way to do that. Great service is the other. We offer competitive pricing and don’t require large transaction volumes from merchants.



Types of Processing
ACMS offers credit card processing that conforms to your business. Our approach means transactions are cheaper and fee structure is transparent. Below are the payment processing options we offer. Contact us today to begin having the best credit card processing experience anywhere.



Card Present Processing
The risk of fraud is decreased with a card physically present. With some of the lowest credit card interchange rates, our credit card processing service makes credit card payments a great addition to your business. With cutting-edge technology and unequalled support, ACMS will provide your business with low card present rates.

With ACMS you get:

  • Free account set-up
  • 24/7 toll-free customer service support
  • Real-time account access
  • Fast approval
  • No programming fee on equipment
  • Contact us today to begin using our card present credit card processing or discuss other processing solutions that may fit your business needs.



Wireless Credit Card Processing
With compact terminals, you can make sales when and where you need to. ACMS offers a mobile credit card processing solution, as well as some of the most respected names in credit card processing terminals and applications. With the leading wireless or key-entered credit card processing terminals, ACMS helps you dispense with the phone lines and increase revenue.

When choosing a credit card processor, avoid focusing only on the discount rate. Narrowing your decision like this can distract you from hidden fees that may render the offer unattractive.
Trust ACMS to provide a transparent experience without piling on fees. Contact us for more information.



Online Credit Card Processing
Card-not-present processing offers a whole set of challenges not found in a brick and mortar business. Making credit card payments online heighten the potential of fraud. By mitigating risk, we help your business accept payment online with fewer problems and more confidence. If you don’t currently accept credit card payments through your website, ACMS can help you add this important feature to your online business in less than an hour.



MOTO Credit Card Processing
Mail order telephone order (MOTO) merchants take orders via telephone and through the mail. This scenario presents the challenge of not seeing the customer’s credit card. This type of transaction increases the risk of fraud. We offer several tools to combat fraud. ACMS peace of mind with MOTO card payments. If your business is new and you want to begin accepting this form of payment, contact us to get started.

The right merchant account provides savings based on how transactions are accepted. You will benefit by working with a credit card processor who can explain the differences and advantages of differing account types. ACMS provides these value-added services for our clients. The more you know, the better your choices and the more you will save. Contact us today to find out how.



Whether you need to process credit card transactions through an Internet connection, mobile card swiper or smart phone, we have the equipment and terms to suit your needs. From industry-leading encryption to payment gateways, we have the software and hardware solutions to allow your customers to pay with a credit card. If you already offer credit card payment as an option, we offer lower fees and POS system conversion.

Payment Terminals
Gateway & Software Solutions
Smart Phone Solutions
Products that Enable Mobile Card Processing
POS System Processor Conversion
Online Virtual Terminal



Gateway & Software Solutions
A payment gateway facilitates your e-commerce business by providing electronic transactions between your business, banks and customers. The payment gateway consists of software, encryption, authorization of payments and communications between the three stakeholders. Payment gateways are not limited to ecommerce, but can also be useful in brick and mortar businesses or phone transactions. ACMS offers many of the best payment gateways.



Smart Phone Solutions
There is an easy way to pay while working remotely. It’s as close as your smart phone. ACMS can empower your mobile phone, using POS software, to accept credit card payments anywhere. There is no need to carry a separate POS terminal; your smart phone equipped with our software is all you need.

Products That Enable Mobile Card Processing
In addition to capturing credit card information, you can also capture information specifying sales, invoice numbers and more. Get more savings with our mobile phone products. We offer a range of swipers that are small and portable, offering you the benefit of a lower swiped rate. Some of our devices also offer receipt printers.

ACMS has a mobile solution for your on-the-go business. Contact us today for more information.



POS System Processor Conversion
Convert your current POS system to ACMS and we will do most, if not all, of the work. Many POS vendors do not offer this service. We offer Aldelo, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Aloha, Restaurant Manager, Sitelink, Micros and others. If your current POS system incorporates middleware, we can program or troubleshoot the software without involving a third-party.



Online Virtual Terminal
If you have an Internet connection, you can provide credit card processing with a secure online virtual terminal. With multiple layers of security, you can store credit card numbers to facilitate several recurring billing options. Our system has the capability to charge clients automatically at preset intervals and can email them when a charge is made, as well as with expiration notifications. ACMS brings you a secure solution to credit card processing.

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Merchant Card Processing

Credit card processing fees can have a major impact on your bottom line. As a businessperson, you need to project and understand your expenses, yet there is no clear breakdown of fees with many credit card processors.
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