Profit from an Water Vending Machine placed at your business

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TOTAL COST $4,595.50
Price Includes Free Shipping within the United States
1 Year Warranty & Filters

Our 600G unit is a fully automated, self service machine integrating the automatic production and sale of high grade drinking water. Through the use of our high-tech purification process using reverse osmosis and sterilization, water from any source can be purified into healthy living purified water that meets the national standards for drinking water. The clients take their containers to the unit and, upon choosing quantity and paying, water dispenses automatically. Bill changer and Pay Card features are optional and are available for additional costs.

Dimensions: 32″W x 28″D x 83″H
Weight: 486 lbs
Weight: 486 lbs
Filtration: 600 Gallons/24H
Power: AC110v 5 0-60HZ
Quality: TDS≤10ppm (Parts Per Million)
Speed: 1.5Min/(5 Gallons)

Learn about the Filter Replacements
for the Water Machine HF-RO-600 Here!

Learn about the Purification Functions
for the Water Machine HF-RO-600 Here!

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